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Groupie is a downloadable social media mobile application allowing users to share, and review, their favorite albums, songs, EPs, and playlists to their fellow groupies, aka their followers!
With 30+ current features, services include the ability to discover new music shared via the World and Following Timelines, add music to any of your playlists, view your top songs, and artists, from the past month, 6 months, year, and of all time via Your Statistics, keep track of your favorite artist(s) and their release announcements, write reviews/post music, create Custom Lists of your favorite songs, albums, artists, recent listens, and remind yourself what music to listen to at a later time.

meet the creators.


Noah Rough
CEO Louisville, Ky
BS in Business Administration | University of Louisville, 2019

Hi! It's nice to meet you, or at least I wish I could, but you're looking at a computer screen and I'm off photographing something more than likely. Maybe we'll cross paths one day at a music festival or a concert. If we do, let's share music recommendations and dance the night away! These hips don't lie.

Whether I'm behind the camera photographing a couple's big day, filming a movie, designing an app, or writing a screenplay, creating will always be my passion.

My favorite genres of music are Alt Rock, Club/EDM, and Indie Pop. What are yours? Let's share music together on Groupie! Add me @noah.

For more about me and what I create, visit my website:


John Geddes
CTO Seattle, Wa
BS in Computer Science | University of Kentucky, 2018

Hey! I'm John, the lead developer for Groupie. Though I may be cooped up some days working from behind the scenes or gaming, I love to get out, grab a beer, and socialize. If you're a UK fan, we'll get along great. L's down!

Oh, and if we ever run into each other at the park, and you have a dog, I'll more than likely ask to pet it. 

My favorite genres of music are Indie Pop, Techno, and Disco House. What are yours? Let's share music together on Groupie! Add me @john.

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