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EFFECTIVE DATE: November 17, 2021


Groupie’s Mission and Introduction

Groupie’s foundation is, and will always be, a positive community built by passionate music lovers. No matter what type of music genre you may enjoy, music speaks to each and every one of us in a different way and Groupie welcomes you to share this experience with the world whether it be a song, album, or playlist.


We invite you to please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy since these guidelines will not be as explicitly detailed as they are in both of those documents (can be found in app or on our website at


Public vs Private Information

Groupie’s focus is music. Though each post you share and/or account you create will be made public, the only personal image of yours that will be shown publicly is your Profile Photo. No other images will be able to be sent via messages or through any post seen on your timeline. As we stated above, with music as our primary focus, we want to show off the artist’s beautiful album artwork. Personal images of yours may be used as Cover Images for each of your Main Collections, or Custom Lists, but, again, these are for your own private use and will not be seen publicly. That being said, if we are made aware that these images do not meet our Terms and Conditions, we have the right to take action on your Groupie account. 


Once again, music is the main focus, but so is your voice! Your opinion matters and will be seen within the Groupie community once posted to your timeline. That being said, please take this into consideration upon writing your “review” (aka, your captions), comments, and putting information in your Profile’s bio. We at Groupie will never tolerate slander, racial remarks, hate speech, threats, etc (fully outlined in Terms and Conditions). If we are made aware of this, your account may be terminated. Again, this is a positive community full of passion based around the love for music. Spread love, not hate.


All other private information, such as your birthday and email address will only be viewable via your own personal account. No one else will have access to said information.


Harassment, Bullying, and the S Words

As we briefly mentioned above, your opinion and voice does matter, however, we do not welcome any bullying or harassment of other Groupies. No matter how much you disagree with someone and their music taste, please understand violence and lashing out is never the answer. Bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated especially in the Groupie community.


Do not promote and/or encourage ANY suicide and self-harm while using Groupie. Plain and simple. This type of encouragement will never be acceptable in the Groupie community. Mental Health is extremely important to us and if we could give each and every one of you a hug and an ear to listen to, we would :) You matter, and you’re wanted. If someone is harassing you through Groupie, please bring this to our attention via our email,, and we will terminate their accounts.


Spam, Trolling, and Impersonation

Listen, we get it. It can be fun to spam and troll your friends. However, it gets old FAST. Please do not spam and troll other groupies via any form of communication in Groupie. Impersonation isn’t cool either. None of that please and thank you :)


Sexual Content and Pornography

With Groupie being a music focused social media, sharing songs about sex and sexual content is totally acceptable. We at Groupie want to redefine what the word “groupie” means. In this community, all Groupies are full of positivity and have a passion for sharing music recommendations. That being said, solicitation of sex/porn of any kind, and sexual harassment via comments, messages, your bio, and even profile photo if you got really creative, will never be welcome or acceptable. Big no no. Please do not bring this into our community or your account will be terminated.


Hacking and Manipulation of Groupie

If we find that you are using ANY method to tamper with and/or copy Groupie its community, its code, specific accounts, etc, in ANY way, we will take action. More on this is detailed in our Terms and Conditions.



As you can see, we envision Groupie being a safe space where fellow groupies and musicians can openly share their music recommendations. Music brings us all together no matter what season of life we’re in. If you see any Groupie violating these guidelines, or believe they may be, please bring this to our attention and email us at Over time, we expect these guidelines to change as we evolve Groupie into its best possible version. That being said, look out for more updates coming in the near future!


Thank you for reading!!


Much love, 

Groupie Studios, LLC

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