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New Music, Listening Statistics, Reviews, New Friends.

New Music

Updates weekly!

Scroll horizontally to view all new music released that week. Tap to view the music's contents and more options.


Your Listening Statistics

Top Songs
• View your Recently Played tracks, and top tracks from the past month, six months, and of all time.

Top Artists
• View your top artist from the past month, six months, and of all time.

Tap a song or artist to view more information!

Read Reviews

Read Reviews

Discover what other users are saying!

Tap the
Discover Tab Search Bar, then...
• Select the
Album, Song, or Playlist filter.
• Type the title or artist of the music.
• Tap the searched music to read what other user's are saying about the same piece of music.

No reviews yet? Tap
Create Review to be the first!


Searching Users + Tags 

Discover music, and new friends in your area!

• Select the Groupies or Musicians filter to discover users.
• Type a
Genre Tag (ie. #indie) to find like-minded music lovers or a Location Tag (ie. #chicago) to find users in your area!

• Select the Album, Song, or Playlist filter to discover music.
• Type a hashtag (ie. #supportlocalmusic) to find similar posts.


Invite Friends to the Groupie!

Scan QR Codes and Send Texts

Tap the
Invite button in top left of your Discover Tab for invite options:
• Scannable
QR Codes for IOS, Android, and Groupie's linktree.
• Or send a
text to a friend.

More Tutorial Options

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