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Don't be shy. Your groupies want to hear from you!

View Your Messages

While on your Timeline, click the 'Messages' icon in the top right to view all your current conversations. If the music note next to a conversation is orange, that means you have a new message! Tap to respond. Hold down finger on an individual message, or conversation, to delete.

Filter Your Messages

Remove a conversation's clutter by selecting a message filter! Want to see just the music shared between you and another Groupie? Select the 'Music' filter! Only want to see the texts? Select the 'Messages' filter! 

Start a Conversation

To start a conversation, tap the + icon while viewing your messages, search for the groupie, then message away! Send music or a simple text message. Remember, be nice!

Groupie Profiles

Start a conversation with any Groupie directly by viewing their profile. Tap on their 'Message' button to start talking!

other ways to message

Message a Post

While viewing any post on your Timelines, tap the post's corresponding 'Message' icon to send that album, song, or playlist to one or more groupies.

Album & Playlist Contents

When viewing an album or playlist's contents, tap a '...' for more options including the ability to message an individual song, entire album, or complete playlist to any Groupie you follow.

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